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“Ruthie Jordan is very knowledgeable about ASL Conversation & Storytelling. She is very patient and takes time to help and ask for our feedback.”

~ Advanced ASL student

"Ruthie is "a natural", very engaging, professional, knowledgeable!"

 ~ Interpreter Training

Program Faculty


"Your language usage is SO visually conceptual and dynamic that it appeals to multiple skill levels.  You were patient, diplomatic and approachable and I really respect that in a presenter-AMAZING job! And THANK YOU!"

 ~ ASL Instructor

I really enjoyed the safe environment and the challenge of being vulnerable in front of other peers. The feedback I received was very encouraging and beneficial to my work."

 ~ Educational Interpreter

Upcoming Events!

Coming Up Soon! Some workshops offers in 2024
Stay tuned and sign up for the updates.

Rocky Mountain Deaf Film Festival (RMDFF) as a founder & director
will be hosting in November 2024.

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