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About Eyepoetic Productions

At Eyepoetic Productions, our mission is threefold: Sharing, Inspiring, and Elevating stories. In Deaf and Hearing community that values their real life experiences through their stories. Their stories influence us to share and plant the seeds in the community. We are passionate about the stories of Deaf people, Deaf culture, sign language, and the art of storytelling. Our values are to empower educators, artists, leaders, and advocates in the Deaf and hearing communities. We hope to create a platform for them to share their stories in a meaningful and impactful way. We do so through the Arts, Education, Film, Presenting, Theatre, and Workshops. It has a purpose to share and value Deaf community - Deaf person as a human being. 



  • Creative Artist 

  • Passionate Educator

  • Highly Trained

  • Creates a safe place for learning

  • Uses humor and real world applications for learning

  • Experienced in teaching, performing arts, filmmaking, and ASL translation

  • Passionate advocate for Deaf dogs / Signing dogs

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