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ASL & Deaf Counsltant 

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Being a ASL & Deaf Consultant, to support a Deaf person (child / adult / with disabilities) in their environments and people who interacts with the Deaf person. It guides Deaf / Hearing community to improve those struggles and understand to communicate and interaction based on cultural and linguistic community. From my experiences to work and adaptable with a Deaf child with hearing families / Deaf families, a hearing loss/late-deaf member and their families, Deaf professionals and their colleagues, and community. 

Being ASL & Deaf Educator, I have been teaching since I born with hearing members in families, education, and community. I share my heritage culture and language. From my experiences, I teach ASL and Deaf culture in schools, college/Universities, and community. I offer ASL classes to any ages groups, families, students, or community members. Also giving a presentation to discuss about ASL, Deaf culture, and part of linguistic how to form an artistic language. 


Workshop Facilitor / Designer

Being a Workshop Facilitator  / Designer, to provide a workshop to varies of community includes children, adults, educators, interpreters, and community members over two decades. There are several different kind of workshops I offer in Deaf lens and perspectives of Deaf center. It includes ASL & Deaf Culture, a form of linguistic, Social Justice, and technologies. The workshops can be offer In-person or Virtual. 


Being an artist, in my passionate to inspire and share my journeys as a heritage sign language user, Deaf experiences, playing with a language, and share Deaf perspectives in different types of arts. I offer as Performing Artist, directing / writing Theatre productions, film productions, and my artworks. 


Motival Speaker

Being a Motionval Speaker, to share and inspire people about our journeys in greatness and roughness. People would be learn and inspire to share from your experiences and perspectives. I value to share for being Deaf person that uses sign language to accomplish a journey. Any topics includes share about being a diverse of Deaf community, Education, Passionate, and Human rights. 


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