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As an entertainer, my performances are crafted to fit various types of audiences. My goals as an entertainer are to inspire my audience, to educate them, to empower them, and to offer them enjoyment. Often, the shows I have created share my real life experiences as a Deaf Woman and a variety of original ASL literary works. My experience as an entertain is an outgrowth of my training in professional theatre and improv workshops. 

The Eagle flies over the world - ID: A white woman with dirty-blonde hair and black glasses wearing a black t-shirt and brown pants. She is signing like an eagle in personification. She is standing in front of a landscape of tree and plants by a gravel road on a mountain.

Journey of ASL Lit Demo- ID: A white woman with dirty-blonde hair and black glasses wearing a black t-shirt and signing a handshape "C" with each hand in front of a white background while she is performing.

This show specifically focuses on ASL literature and includes ASL poetry and ASL storytelling. In terms of ASL storytelling, I have created ABC/123 stories, Visual Vernacular stories, stories with strong uses of personification, and ASL-Cinematic storytelling. This highly interactive show could be developed to match themes of particular events such as GALA celebrations, Birthdays, conferences, school events, and private parties. 


Length of performance: 15 min, 30 min or 60 min. 

Prices negotiated depending on events and length

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A Roots of Deaf womanhood - ID: A white woman with  dirty-blonde hair and black glasses wearing a black t-shirt and green pants stands in front of white cloth curtains that gives the impression of tree roots.

Journey to the Roots of Deaf Womanhood

This show is based on true stories of Deaf women I interviewed about their lives. These inspirational stories stimulate an array of powerful emotions: sadness, respect, joy, and pride. The show includes a performance and digital video by Eyepoetic.


Length of performance: 45 min 

Prices negotiated

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"Ruthie Jordan's extraordinary skills as a performing artist shows that ASL Literature/folklore continues to enlighten and entertain a new generation...Ruthie knows how to take command of a stage and draw everyone's eyes to her amazing abc stories, her poetry and storytelling.  She is a master artist and ASL is the language she paints her masterpieces with!"
          ~ KC, NTID Cultural and Creative Studies Professor, Rochester, NY. 

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