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Explore Classifiers in Education and Community

Explore Classifiers in Education and Community. 

ID: There are four hands that shows a handshape of rock, a person sitting on a rock and a boat floats on the water with black background. 

This workshop will focus on classifiers in different topics in Education and
Community. The workshop will introduce the concept of handshapes and how to
interpret the classifiers in different topics. The workshop will demonstrate how we
could use classifiers in different ways and the participants will practice their skills
in activities. The participants will be able to demonstrate the use of classifiers in
these settings and describe the role of classifiers in ASL discourse.

The rates will vary based on the duration of the workshop. 


Enhancing Your Medical Interpretation with ASL Classifiers

Enhancing Your Medical Interpretation - ID: A white woman with dirty-blonde hair with black glasses wearing a green blouse, gray pants and black shoes stands at the front of a workshop. A brown table set with a projector reflects on a white screen shows some white image.

This workshop, “Enhancing Your Medical Interpretation with ASL Classifiers: The Head,” will be part one of a four part series of whole being workshops on interpreting in the medical setting, with an emphasis on the proper use of ASL classifiers. The presenter will show various pictures of the body and explain a variety of ways to sign these images using classifiers. The presenter will exhibit visual materials depicting various medical conditions. Participants will be split into groups and work with a Deaf facilitator who will provide guidance and feedback. This will be a highly interactive workshop with a blend of instruction/modeling, group participation, and frequent feedback among all participants.


Interpreter skill level: Intermediate to Advanced 

Deaf participants are welcome

The rates will vary based on the duration of the workshop. Includes CEUs or not. 

Explore the Language of the Mechanical World and the Science Lab

Mechanic and Science Workshop.jpg
Mechanic and Science David DNA.jpg
Screenshot 2023-10-31 at 11.38.55 PM.png

Join David and Ruthie at “Explore the Language of the Mechanical World and the Science Lab” for an unforgettable workshop experience. As seasoned ASL interpreters with a passion for all things mechanical, technological, and scientific, they will help you expand your knowledge and confidence in interpreting classifiers. Our group activities will involve exploring and interpreting a range of tools, engines, and technologies. Come develop your skills and contribute to our vibrant community of interpreters. 


This workshop is offered to Deaf and hearing interpreters who wish to explore and
improve their vocabulary and classifier skills in interpreting “from wrenches to nuts and bolts” of the mechanical and scientific world. The participants will learn how to handle these specialty topics from a Deaf person’s experiences with mechanics and in the science lab.

Participants will have the opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills to use
classifiers, ASL constructs, and the visual structure of ASL in mechanical settings,
including bicycles, motorcycles, automobiles, and the science lab applications.
Specialty vocabulary will be introduced so that interpreters might improve their ability to better express mechanical and scientific concepts.


This workshop will provide an open and welcoming skill-building space for participants to explore and better understand expressing mechanical and scientific concepts. This workshop will be taught in ASL.

Explore Audism, Linguicism, & Ableism


This workshop is where our passion is to educate and inspire change. We believe that our Audism, Linguicism, Ableism workshop offers participants the opportunity to unpack and reclaim these -isms, and to learn and practice new ways of thinking and doing. Come join us for an eye-opening experience, where you’ll get to work with others to make a positive impact on the world.

Skill level: Intermediate to heritage sign language users

Deaf participants are welcome

The rates will vary based on the duration of the workshop. Includes CEUs or not. 

"Ruthie has been teaching our family for a year now, as we adjust to a family member's recent hearing loss. We have nothing but positive things to say about the great energy and enthusiasm she brings to her classes and the encouragement and support she gives us as we improve our new ASL communication skills! Class with Ruthie is always fun and informative (we have even done some ASL acting classes with her)!" 
~ O'Conor Family

Ruthie,  your enthusiasm of the language of signs and your expertise at the use of classifiers is amazing.  Thank you for sharing your experience with us. Signs and your expertise at using classifiers is amazing!  Thank you for sharing your experience with us. 

~ Educational Interpreter

Amazing ability to teach classifiers and show what can be interpreted all with classifiers. This is so important to review and bring back into our daily work with students. I would benefit from the overall pace of the class being slower. ~ Educational Interpreter

Ruthie and David's workshop helped me tremendously as an interpreter working primarily in the VRS setting. Not only did I learn more to help me in my interpreting work, but I understand more about how my car's engine actually functions."

~ Community Interpreter

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