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The educational workshops I offer include a variety of topics related to Deaf language and culture, Deaf empowerment, digital media techniques, and theatre. The workshops can be designed for a variety of participants—from children to adults, Deaf participants/Hearing participants or both. They can also include ASL interpreters, ASL students, or community members. Participants will experience a Deaf cultural centric workshop that will educate, empower and enlighten.

Understanding ASL Literature

Understanding ASL Literature- 

ID: A white woman with dirty-blonde hair with black glasses wearing a light blue blouse signing in front of a screen reflecting a powerpoint slide "What is ASL Literature"

This workshop introduces different genres of ASL Literature. The participants will learn about the history of ASL Literature and be exposed to many classic and contemporary works.  Appreciating and understanding the meaning of ASL literary works allows participants to reflect on their own lives. The participants will work together to create works of various genres using ASL literary techniques. The workshop demonstrates ABC/123 stories, ASL Storytelling, Visual Vernacular storytelling style, classifiers storytelling, ASL-Cinematic storytelling, ASL Poetry, Folklores tales/Jokes, and ASL songs. The workshops are adaptable depending on the ages and needs of the participants. 

ASL in Digital Video Storytelling and Arts

ASL in Digital Video Storytelling- ID: A white woman with dirty-blonde hair with black glasses wearing a black t-shirt signing “fish” which looks like fins on her cheeks.  There is a black background.

This workshop encourages participants to create storytelling themes to be developed through digital video and arts. The participants are introduced to basic film techniques and artistry that could be used to develop their stories as well as a variety of filmmaking styles. Skills addressed would include understanding how to set up a film, the production process, and editing all of which impact their storytelling. This workshop could be offered in educational  (K-12) or community settings. 

Required materials: 

  • Art supplies

  • Mac computer with iMovie or Final Cut Pro editing programs


ASL and Deaf Theatre: Acting & Creativity 

ASL and Deaf Theater- ID: A white woman with dirty-blonde hair with black glasses wearing a black t-shirt is signing “dinosaur” with several children in a circle. A girl signing “dinosaur” wearing a white jacket with green t-shirt and other girl in a white t-shirt signing “dinosaur” and a boy with blonde hair behind the girls wearing a green t-shirt. A little boy signing “dinosaur” is right behind the girl in a white t-shirt, wearing an orange flannel with tan and green plaid. In the background there is a drum set in front of a blue curtain and white wall with an  "EXIT" sign.

This workshop introduces participants to the foundations of Deaf theatre and how ASL is used as an art form in theatre. The participants will create and develop their acting skills as well as their ASL expressive language skills. It will include ASL instruction, Acting techniques, Improv skills, and the history of Deaf theatre. 

Enhancing Your Medical Interpretation with ASL Classifiers

Enhancing Your Medical Interpretation - ID: A white woman with dirty-blonde hair with black glasses wearing a green blouse, gray pants and black shoes stands at the front of a workshop. A brown table set with a projector reflects on a white screen shows some white image.

This workshop, “Enhancing Your Medical Interpretation with ASL Classifiers: The Head,” will be part one of a four part series of whole being workshops on interpreting in the medical setting, with an emphasis on the proper use of ASL classifiers. The presenter will show various pictures of the body and explain a variety of ways to sign these images using classifiers. The presenter will exhibit visual materials depicting various medical conditions. Participants will be split into groups and work with a Deaf facilitator who will provide guidance and feedback. This will be a highly interactive workshop with a blend of instruction/modeling, group participation, and frequent feedback among all participants.


Interpreter skill level: Intermediate to Advanced 

*Deaf participants are welcome

"Ruthie is "a natural" very engaging, professional, knowledgeable!"
"Ruthie has been teaching our family for a year now, as we adjust to a family member's recent hearing loss. We have nothing but positive things to say about the great energy and enthusiasm she brings to her classes and the encouragement and support she gives us as we improve our new ASL communication skills!
Class with Ruthie is always fun and informative
(we have even done some ASL acting classes with her)!" 

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