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Film Portfolio

As a empowering filmmaker, I use my lens to compassionately capture the journeys of our people. With film as a visual language, I produce films that can impact and empower. Film is a powerful medium which allows us to present our rich and beautiful language and culture to educate, empower, and enlighten our community. Below are descriptions of a few films I have produced.

Onalee's Journey (2007)

This film is about an elder in the Deaf Native American community.  Onalee Cooper shared her path to developing a strong identity as both a Native American and Deaf human being.  The film followed the story of her father, Chief Richard who fought for Native American rights and free passage across US-Canadian borders.  The film includes footage of the 2007 Deaf Native Spiritual Gathering.  The documentary film was awarded as 1st place at Deaf Rochester Film Festival 2007. 

29 min Documentary Film 

Onalee’s Journey - ID: An elder native american woman with short gray hair appears with glasses, wearing a teal outfit with an icon of bear clan necklace. She is standing in medium shot behind her is a statue of Chief Richkard holding a belt strip. There are trees in background of the video.

Dottie's Ride (2006)

I was honored to produce this documentary film about one Deaf woman's life journey that was filled with bravery and humor. The documentary film was awarded as 2nd place at the Deaf Rochester Film Festival in  2007. 

15 min Documentary Film 

Dottie’s Ride - ID: A white couple with dirty blonde and bright blonde hair wearing black leather jackets, the male biker is wearing sunglasses. They are riding a Harley Davidson motorcycle on a gravel road with trees in the background.

Written, Film & edited "Saving Kraus" film about Deaf dog - Kraus. 

Film Portfolio- Saving Krause - ID: A white woman wearing dark glasses and gray cap in brown long sleeve and black vest, holding a rottweiler dog in her arm. The rottweiler dog has a broad head, bright orange eyes and mouth is open with tongue hanging out. The dog is wearing a Mantiage collar and sits  in Ruthie's arms. They sit with a landscape in the background.

Other Examples of My Film Work

Golfhead animation: This is one of my animation works using personification.

Golfhead Animation -  ID: A white background with a drawing of a hand reaching down to a golfball that has facial features and grass around the head (golfball)

Created a motif poetry for DeVIA Challenge Projects. 

Film Portfolio- DeVIA Chair Poetry - ID: A white woman with dirty-blonde shoulder-length hair and black glasses wearing a black t-shirt signing "cherish"  The background is black.

Filmed and edited my poetry for Tribute to Paddy Ladd

Film Portfolio- Deafhood Poetry - ID: A white woman's hands clasped together. The left hand is index "D" on a black background.

Developed storyboard and script, filmed and edited with National Center for Deaf Health Research in Rochester, NY
Written and directed a video project “Daddy’s girl”  in Rochester, NY
Filmed and edited a short film production at RIT. 

Film Portfolio- Read The Label - ID: A white girl in a red robe with a maroon under t-shirt wearing a white headband that holds her brown short wavy hair on top of her head. She is looking down at the food on a plate on the kitchen table that has several plates and a cup of milk.

Film Portfolio ID: A black background shows a feature design with a title "Daddy's girl" 

Film Portfolio- The Bet - ID: A video showing a green pool table with a triangle of colored pool balls. White hands are holding both corners of the triangle.

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