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ASL & Deaf Counsltant

Ruthie truly values sharing her knowledge and skills of Deaf culture and heritage language with Deaf people and their families. She supports families in improving their language accessibility and communication through culture and sign language. 

Ruthie enjoys and values being an ASL Consultant for families, schools, businesses, as part of entertainment venues, and for the community.  

Ruthie also gives presentations, has conversations, mentors Deaf and hearing students at their schools, and holds workshops to interact with children. 

Ruthie has a passion for supporting Deaf animals (such as Deaf dogs or cats) and their owner as they learn how to communicate with each other through ASL. 

Ruthie advocates for communities to learn and develop their knowledge and skills related their culture and language. 

The rates will vary and will be scaled based on budgets. 

Quote from a family who had a family member recently experience hearing loss

"Ruthie has been teaching our family for a year now, as we adjust to a family member's recent hearing loss. We have nothing but positive things to say about the great energy and enthusiasm she brings to her classes and the encouragement and support she gives us as we improve our new ASL communication skills! Class with Ruthie is always fun and informative (we have even done some ASL acting classes with her)!" ~ O'Conor Family

Quotes from a teacher and a student at Creativity School (Logan School)

"It was amazing to have her and learned so much from her wealth knowledge and skills. She has a wonderful patient and share so much about Deaf Culture and American Sign Language. It mades us eager to learn more and want to involve with Deaf community. We are grateful for Ruthie share her knowledge and experiences." ~ Kelly Pierson. 

Quotes from a family of Deaf child: 

"We loves Ruthie especially our daughter, Eve. She always excited to see Ruthie and improve communicating with us through sign language. It does helps us to connect and communicate through Deaf culture and sign language. Ruthie is an excellent Educator and Advocate the families of Deaf child." ~ Athena Troy

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